Murphy’s Law of Hookage

Why is it that when you’re at your skinniest and tannest, when even your skinny jeans are loose on you, when you catch a glimpse of yourself after the shower and think “Hey! I look pretty hot!” there’s nobody to take advantage of it yet when your at your grodiest, poochiest, must-lose-these-five-pounds you find yourself in the company of male suitors? I mean, there’s just something inherently wrong about not getting to be naked when you look damn good.

Fucking Murphy’s Law, or, more accurately, Murphy’s Fucking Law?

2 thoughts on “Murphy’s Law of Hookage

  1. I think I speak for everyone when I say it is very difficult to evaluate your dilema without empirical evidence. How about before and after pics?
    Of course, we’ll just take after pics if that’s all you’ve got. And it’s not that your flikrs aren’t valuable data. But they’re not exactly on-topic. We need very specific, very graphic data to make an informed analysis.

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