Edgy Aubrey

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Rockin’ the leggings, originally uploaded by Aubs.

Ok, so for most of you, it’s not so edgy. But for me, with my work uniform of jeans and some tech t-shirt I either got free here at Google or at some geek conference, it’s WAY dressed up. I resisted the whole ‘leggings’ phase even when Daisy had to write about them (as well as shirts she suggested "cinching with a belt" on a regular basis); after all, you need to have twig legs to not look chunk-o-matic in them. That, and I *LIVED* through the 80’s once, who knows if I’ll survive the fashion the second time around?

And  yet, like all things, I was slowly worn down, slowly won over by the practicality of them, especially living here in San Francisco where, in case you haven’t been listening to me lately, IT IS COLD. I swear my car registered 53 degrees and MISTY this morning when I was coming into work at, um, 11:30am.

But I digress. Leggings. Right.

So today, when I was making a BIG, MONUMENTAL, STELLAR change in my hair (to go along with all of the ones in my ridiculous drama-filled life), I figured "What the hell?" and busted out the leggings that set me back a whopping $5 should I ever decide to lose my marbles and WEAR them with the shortest jean miniskirt in the world. Because really, I’d NEVER do something like that, and $5 isn’t THAT much to waste, right?


Looks like I got my money’s worth since, clearly, I’m rockin’ the leggings. And the brown hair (that consensus has clearly decided is NOT in fact brown, just stripey.)

Point of the story: Even TRYING to be edgy, I’m still a blonde southern girl whose predilection for pink will always overshadow even the most fervent attempts otherwise.

4 thoughts on “Edgy Aubrey

  1. Shut it? I thought you liked commentary even if negative…as a blogger it beats indifference. Just being playful and trying to get a reaction…
    And J Crew really does suck.

  2. Ok, sorry…thought you were misreading it. Maybe I should say I’m apparently “ON EDGE” instead of edgy.
    As for J.Crew, well, I’ll agree to disagree. They’re good for the classics and their suits fit me well.
    Bring on playful, and I’ll bring on the reaction. 😉

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