Why my Dr. thinks I function well with undiagnosed ADHD

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The messiest desk in the world, originally uploaded by Aubs.

Some people have an organized, tidy, "know where everything is" sort of desk.

I am NOT one of those people.

I have TRIED to be one of those people, mind you, many times. I am a masterful piler; instead of cleaning, per se, I just pile all the crap up that I’m supposed to be doing something with so that it looks like it’s clean. Then, the next day, when I’m looking for that power bill or yet another parking ticket I have to UNPILE the pile, thus returning my desk back to its natural state: chaos.

I think clean desk people are like clean car people (something else I am not.) Now, we hit an unexpected snowstorm? You want to be with me. I have no less than 3 scarves SOMEWHERE in the car, and probably some chains and DEFINITELY some flares. (Thanks, Ed Sabala.) Miss "You Do Not Eat in my Car lest there be Crumbs" Car Person ain’t gonna save you when you’re stuck in a snowdrift, I’ll tell ya that much, just like when you are in desperate need of lipgloss/deodorant/Midol/makeup brushes/low carb breakfast bars/cute notecards/altoids/extra headphones/baby shower invitations/vitamin A  I’m a safe bet over the chick in the cubicle who Lysols her desk every night before leaving. Anal bitch.

But yes. Back to my desk. This cluttered space o’ chaos actually WORKS for me. I can coexist next to my nail polish (though I’m out of remover), can work happily alongside my three iPods needing to be updated and the super-sized InStyle obscuring my "To-Do" list? I’m FINE with that; productive, really. Because you can’t really chastise yourself for not doing something you can’t SEE on the list, ya know?

Want to see just WHAT is on my desk? Click the link. Details included. In the meantime, I’ll sit here and start to pile things up. I do what I do best.

2 thoughts on “Why my Dr. thinks I function well with undiagnosed ADHD

  1. This is a great website, not only do we share the same last name, we share the same desk.!!!
    I wish I found this website last year. I had an assignment in San Francisco, in Nob Hill, at St. Francis Hospital.
    There is a diner across the street from the hospital. I would have my lunch at that had this wonderful grilled chicken salad. I need that recipe.!!! The waitress name was Mona. 🙂
    I wrote a book, Birdsong. It is poetry, and other little essays. Available on Amazon.com, target.com, borders.com.
    I don’t know if it will be in the Target or borders, unless people ask for it.
    I noticed your 43 things website also, and was wondering what the origin of that, and did you come up with?
    Happy Holidays.
    Peace: Noel: Joyeux

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