When in Rome (or Berkeley…)

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My Henna Tattoo, originally uploaded by Aubs.

"Summer" in San Francisco isn’t just cold, it’s foggy. And misty. And icky. However, travel 20 miles South and it’s a very different climate, part of the reason why I love having the drama of The City (and I use this word very broadly) and the weather and then the sun and relaxing calm of working in Mountain View.

This past weekend, we decided to partake of public transportation and head south to Berkeley, thus checking off yet another thing on the "Aubrey Farewell-Tour To-Do List." (CHECK!) Leslie, Cameron and I went and met Dan & Leah for Thai Temple brunch (SO much food for $4) and then the (un)diligent amongst us that didn’t go off to work (read: Me – obvi, Cam and Leah) trolled around the streets of Berkeley for a little shopping and funning and sunning. (And deuce-deuce drinking, natch.) Since I’m totally aversive to tattoos (too fickle) but in an edgy mood as of late, we decided to hit up the henna lady on the corner for some hipster henna action. I got a badass one on my upper back and Cameron opted for a  hott "sleeve" that ended up turning out awesomely. (Not to be left out, Leah got one on her hand, but I don’t have a pic for some reason.)

This is the result.

All I gotta say: It’s gonna look HOTT in my baby shower dress on Saturday.

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