Self Conscious? Me? Clearly not.

Ok, ok…Why I’m posting these publically is beyond me, but figured y’all would enjoy the ridiculousity that ensued AFTER the football game (see post below, and more pics here.) Basically, my pals from NC hadn’t seen "Snakes on a Plane" (nor heard the theme song which, after a drink or thirty, I found to be completely unacceptable) so alas, I decided to grace them with my own rendition(s) of it. Without further ado, I present you the "Aubrey does Snakes on a Plane" karaoke series. I apologize in advance.


Take Two: Time for some ass-slappin’ FUN! (And NO, I’m "Not sleeping in the crib!")


AUBREY, TAKE THREE, wherein Tracy is worried about spilling her beer and I’m worried about her not giving me constant attention.


You may now return to your regularly scheduled broadcasting. Surely, it’s better than this (though not nearly as amusing.)

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