We KNOW I’m a rockstar, but which ONE?

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With Halloween approaching, it’s only natural that I’m getting October Anxiety™, the seasonal pressure to create the BEST COSTUME EVER because, let’s be honest, I’m just a wee bit competitive. (And by ‘wee bit’, I mean you’re all going down, bitches.) I was going to resurrect my Kissing Booth costume from years back (which was a huge success, natch, even if I DID have to smooch a clown, though he DID pay $40 for that opportunity), but my friend reminded me that I may have to kiss someone I wouldn’t normaly want to (aak! the atrocity) so I’ll instead be sticking to my usual discretionary choices. Which we ALL know is the utmost of top-tiered hotties and NOTHING LESS.

Anyway, there went that idea. I left my hula outfit in Atlanta, and I’ve already BEEN a Starfucker so again, there went THAT. Not nearly as fun the second time around. Add the fact that we have not one, but TWO costume parties preceding Halloween where I have to dress up as a rock star, and basically, I’m lost.

So, interweb, you’ve helped me in the past.  Miss Lila Belle’s middle name is courtesy of one of you, y’all have always given good advice and suggestions, and basically, I’m at a loss. So, if you could help out just one last time, I’d be so grateful.

A few ground rules: I’m not opposed to wearing a wig, but probably can’t dye my hair for a few months after the brown-streaky experiment has caused it to be a bit weak. I actually LOVE wigs (see pic above) so that will work. Another rule – no face makeup, so I won’t be sportin’ Janet Jackson (as fun as the wardrobe malfunction would  be) or Kiss, and would prefer to be SEMI attractive as opposed to Courtney Love strung out. Last rule – needs to be recognizeable in some way.

So, gawkers out there who haven’t ever commented, NOW IS THE TIME! I’m giving away a FABULOUS prize (Googley, of course) to the winner of the winning suggestion. And my endless love, of course.

Bring on the comments, kids. My costume is in your  hands!

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