Transcript of Drunken IMing on the Google shuttle

Aubrey: (talking about sporting a new, darker, streakier haircolor as of late): In the spring I’m going back to superblonde…which should be my superhero name.

Daisy: Yes, superblonde SHOULD be your superhero name.

A: I Know. And I rule the superhero world with my flexibility.

D: I will be superdork.

Faster than a prude, blonder than your Mom, SuperBlonde is breaking up fights all over the SF area and lying about her age! It’s a supermodel, no, it’s an actress, no!! It’s SUPERBLONDE!! Give her alcohol and she magically transforms from her boring day job into the procurer of DebauchAubrey!

3 beers before 4pm Aubrey is amusing.

 I would agree with that. You’ve seen it before, but never sober.

D: True. Very true.

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