Things I have been missing while I’ve been too busy working

(Or over-analyzing. Or staring at my ass in my new Joe’s Jeans. Really, it’s strangely compelling.)

Dooce – hands down my favorite writer of ALL time (just inches ahead of one of my favorite two women in the world, Sarah Brown and Helen Jane Hearn) – had added links to her site but in my stupid Blackberry-browser reading of the site (what I’ve been doing lately) I’d missed them. THE HORRORS! They’re hilarious, just like her, and as I’m sitting here at 5:30 on a Friday replete with $130 of art supplies ready to make you (and you! and YOU! But, no, sorry, not you…we’re broken up, remember?) a Holiday Card, I’m still cracking up over some of these. With all attribution to Heather’s genius (being that she’s the one that found them), I respectfully leave you with some links for the weekend. Or next week. Whenever. Just look at ’em, and I’ll probably still be cracking up by the time you get around to it. ENJOY.
Male workplace restroom etiquette leads to scientific breakthrough "So this one time, at the urinal…"
Jesus Image found in dog’s butt Not nearly as disturbing as I had imagined by the title
Found on the Ground at a Neighborhood ParkBrings me back to sixth grade all over again. Strangely soothing, however, to know that other people get dumped via email.

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