Before the Music Dies

We all know I’m into music. But it wasn’t until lately that I’ve found myself being way,  Way, WAY into music, going to shows a few times a week and really loving learning about new small bands. I suppose when you stop traveling, you’re able to go see shows on a whim (or even make plans, buy tickets, and STICK TO THEM. Novel concept, I know.)  So I now spend my days working on an Audio (read: Radio) team, managing terrestrial radio buys, while simultaneously listening to Podcasts of Bagel Radio and KEXP. There’s some irony for ya.

So last night, when Ali suggested that we go see the documentary "Before the Music Dies", I jumped right in, even selling my Ray LaMontagne tickets to a fellow Tar Heel Craigslister to see it. (Also, it was raining and gross out and I didn’t feel like BART-ing en solo to Oakland. Who could blame me?) Anyway, the film was playing at The Independent (one of my favorite places here in SF to see shows) and Ali, Harry & I went before seeing the Bon Savants at the Elbo Room. (Which was AWESOME, by the way.) Not knowing what to expect, I found myself in a room of like-minded music lovers who were interested in hearing the filmmakers’ views on the changing world of music we all collectively obsess about. I don’t want to give too much away, but expect about an hour and a half of true, raw interviews from musicians and music lovers alike on the status of music today, and why it’s so important that we experience much more than what the Clear Channels of the world want us to.

So, find a free evening in your city and go see it. Or, better yet, if you’ve got the space, host a screening. It’s (most likely) free, and it’s good for your soul. Enjoy.

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