Laguna Beach wisdom

On Laguna Beach, everyone’s favorite guilty pleasure, Cameron and Jessica have a chat at the beach about their past (they used to hook up.) He asks her if she really thought that she’d ever end up as his girlfriend, and she says no, shaking her head as the camera pans out for effect. He then apologizes, saying he’s sorry, prompting her to ask just what he’s sorry about.

"I’m sorry I was the wrong boy," he says.

I was shocked. In one sentence, he said what we all really want to hear. Deep down, we need an apology for just that, for not being the right person. The fact that this is coming out of the mouth of a 16 year-old boy floors me, since it certainly hasn’t been said by people nearly double his age, or at least not to me.

You can only get back what you put out, so here goes.

I’m sorry I was the wrong girl.

Your turn.

One thought on “Laguna Beach wisdom

  1. You’re a much better person than I. When I heard Cameron say that – and yes, I obvi know EXACTLY what episode and moment to which you’re refering, my reaction was “what a dick!” I felt like instead of apologizing for being a lying, cheating, horny, commitment-phone (all acceptable because he is only 16 or 17), he took the easy way out.
    That being said, there IS wisdom in the statement. I just don’t give him enough credit for having really thought he was onto something. I think, instead, he was taking the easy route out.
    (I’m a little nervous that I apparently have lots to say about this, and little to say about anything of real importance. Oh well.)

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