‘Tis the Season

I live life (loosely) adhering to the following rules in determining my course of action – in any activity, I ask myself the following questions:

1. Are you having fun? (If yes, keep doing what you’re doing and enjoy the hell out of it. If no, go to question #2.)
2. Is it a good story? (If yes, go for it. If no – STOP. DO NOT PASS GO. END SAID ACTIVITY NOW!)

As such, I usually end up with some damn good stories and enjoy myself in the meantime. I mean, I really probably shouldn’t hook up with that hot 22 year old because, um, he’s 22 but please review the above questions. YES AND YES, obvi.

My friend Jess adopted a similar outlook on life, specific to the holidays. Drink before the Goog holiday party? ‘Tis the Season – go for it! Wear a mistletoe hat? Sure! ‘Tis the Season! Get drunkle on Vodka Sodas with no dinner (See below for the aftermath of THAT adventure)? Yep! Repeat it with me – ‘Tis the Season. LOVE the Season, really. Mean it.

Yet the Season may be the end of me – there’s something going on EVERY NIGHT. Dinner w/Cam on Monday, Concert w/Manlio on Tuesday, Concert with Chris on Weds, Sharon’s birthday on Thursday, Naughty Elf party on Friday, Coconut Bangers Ball on Saturday, and Sunday? SUNDAY we do laundry. Or Tahoe. We’ll see.

You get the picture…it’s definitely no rest for the wicked (or for the naughty, an adjective I’m adopting as my own for the Season. Who wants to be nice? Not me. Naughty all the way, baby!) Lila is NOT happy with my social calendar either; in a rare example of her brilliance and propriety, she ate my entire advent calendar, chocolate included. Lila Belle ain’t down with Festivating. Bitch.

So wish me luck, people, wish me rest. Wish me laundry that doesn’t take two loads to dry (no time for that!), wish me endurance to ROCK OUT every night, and to trudge my weary bones to work every morning. (Except for Friday – we FAWC on Friday  – Friday Afternoon Working from Cafe, for those not in the know.) Wish me jingle bells and mistletoe, fishnets that don’t snag, and self-tanner that doesn’t streak. Wish me all of that and more, and I’ll reward you with many stories of regalia. After all, ‘Tis the Season!

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