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The beginning of the spin, originally uploaded by Aubs.

I usually try and make my posts logical, about one(ish) topic or at least more in article format so if (one day soon, I hope!) I ever am able to re-use these for my NATIONALLY SYNDICATED RELATIONSHIP column (putting out positive vibes for the Universe today…you hear me, Universe?) I won’t have to do a ton of re-writes and will be able to share my musings on love, lust, like and such with a wider audience. (Universe, I hope you’re paying attention here!) Anyway, this is NOT going to be one of those posts, namely because I’m exhausted.

After climbing last night (I ❤ Mission Cliffs) and then Burrito-ing and some other fun-timing at Jordan’s, we headed to Sharon’s rocktastic 80’s themed birthday party which included poles. As in POLES for POLE DANCING. I certainly got a few raised eyebrows when I told Daisy’s friends that I couldn’t stay and chat, I was performing my pole dancing act and was on in 5 mins upstairs and they should check it out. Said in jest, it somehow ended up turning into a BRILLIANT idea, or at least I thought it did. And so I went forth and pole danced with the best of ’em.

It’s no wonder that they actually have aerobics classes that involve pole dancing; my arms were so tired after what I would consider to be a moderate number of spins (20+ or so) that I knew I’d be paying for it today. And oh yes, I am. Getting out of bed to walk Lila at 6:30 was painful (especially since I went to bed at 2:30am. One day I really must stay in…perhaps tonight?)  We know I love socializing, and all, but this girl won’t make it through December without a night (or week) off. Alas, I don’t see that happening but a girl can hope, right?

My favorite comment of the day comes from Scott, who – in response to a White Elephant Party we’re having on the 18th – said:

    my god sabala, you are an unstoppable partying force from hades.  how can you rage so much?  you must have some illegal stimulants or something.

Sadly, no illegal stimulants (coffee doesn’t count) but I’m getting to the point that I think I need some. (KIDDING – I’m 100% au natural when it comes to my exuberance. I don’t think I’d *WANT* to see me on any other stimulants…and I doubt you would either.) Anyway, that’s that.

And so on this "about to rain" Friday (YAY TAHOE SNOW!) I will leave you with a bit of love from last night…I think a "Stripper Pole" might be a list on the "must-haves" when apartment shopping next month. For the exercise, of course, it’s ALL about the exercise.

2 thoughts on “Spinnin’

  1. I stumbled across your photos on Flickr and consequently your blog. I notice you don’t get a lot of comments, but I’ve enjoyed reading your entries. I’ll probably add this to my list of blogs to read on a regular basis. Probably because I miss living in San Francisco, the East Bay just isn’t the same.

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