They didn’t say you couldn’t dress as both!

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Some of my friends put on a "Coconut Bangers Ball" every year in this awesome, huge house in Pac Heights, and it was – hands down – my favorite of the holiday parties last year. The theme is for the men to dress as Robert Goulet and for the women to don their sequiny dresses and, I quote, "show a lot of skin." Um, check, check, obvi. So this year, I forwarded the invitation on to my peeps, and after a meet-up at Bigfoot Lodge, our "local", and Louis’s 5th Birthday party, we headed over there to rock on out.

Sadly, the party was PACKED and full of some stripey-shirted douchebags (well, not everyone, but even one is one too many) but we decided to take the party elsewhere, and thus, fully-costumed, headed over to our OTHER local, Hemlock Tavern wherin we REALLY rocked out.

They said the guys had to wear the mustaches and the girls, the sequins, but I’ve never been one to listen to rules.

One thought on “They didn’t say you couldn’t dress as both!

  1. Is it my fault that I am an extraordinarily good looking fellow who hosts the greatest party ever? Sorry to have missed you….but you know I love you.
    You are officially the Dojo’s PR rep. You, as always, looked beautiful.
    – Ashby

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