It’s time

I’ve made a thousand excuses, from "I have no time" to "I’m just not inspired." Throw in 998 more in various stages of creativity and you get my drift. But finally I’ve gotten to the point where the excuses don’t work any more, not only because they’re not entirely true, but because I’m tired of being miserable and really, it’s my fault here. And only I can change it.

In a nutshell, it’s time.

Let me digress…I love working for Google; this company has afforded me so many opportunities to learn and grow and thrive and lead and, well, I’m lucky. I’ve been lucky for the nearly four  years I’ve been here, and I will continue to be lucky going forward here. (Read: I’m not quitting my job.) What I *AM* doing, however, is looking to take on more; specifically, I’m going full steam ahead with my freelancing.

When I lived in Atlanta, I wrote two weekly columns for The Sunday Paper and loved not only that gig, but my editor, too. I also loved being a food critic for Citysearch (back when they had budgets for that sort of thing) and not only because I got to take my friends out to eat for free. (How I didn’t end up a total hoss is beyond me.) Yet when I moved to San Francisco, I didn’t immediately start making similar contacts save for a disastrous run with the meanest editor known to man who attacked my pieces with a rusty razor blade. Pleasant, it was not. Then, traveling ensued and laziness set in only to be replaced by partying and, well, it’s now December 13th, I’ve lived here for over a year and have NO new freelancing work to speak of. So you can see why it’s time.

And so I shall set forth on a journey, a MAGICAL journey filled with rejection and frustration and indecision and failure and maybe, hopefully, some small successes along the way. There’s much I need to do in the meantime (a portfolio site, for one) and I’m reaching out to people (including you, yes you who are reading this! Want to help!? Please say yes) for contacts in the industry, or perhaps your company needs some copy, stat? Send ’em my way!

It’s official: Aubrey the Freelance Writer Extraordinaire, LLC (ok, that LLC was fake but just for now) is open for business.

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