Bright and Shiny, for real, yo

Nobody initially believed me when I said I was Dark and Twisty. It appears, however, that some people are coming around (and apparently Google agrees: I’m the fifth result on "Dark and Twisty". Egads.) To note:

Daisy just told me my blog is starting to depress her.
Ryan looked at my iPod playlist and declared me officially depressed.

I am? Really? I think I’m just in a sensitive phase or just really into lyrics these days (post found here). Or something. Because really, I’m thinking it’s about time to abandon Dark and Twisty for Bright and Shiny. A new year is right around the corner, and with it, it’s time to make a few changes in the land o’ Aubs (not to be confused with "The Land of Aubrey", still a very, very lovely place.) So, let’s get ebullient – there’s much awesomeness ahead. The Land of Aubs is a bright and shiny land, and alas, I shall list some of its bright and shiny-ness.

  • Tahoe – w00t! Last weekend’s trip was a great first weekend out and with fabulous friends with skihouses (and me on my best behavior, natch) I see much skiing ahead.
  • Vail – aww yeah. Following suit in the snowbunny rocktasticness, we just found out that our offsite is in Vail at the end of January going straight into a long weekend in Tahoe for the Goog ski trip.
  • Fabulous shows ahead: Silversun Pickups tonight, Emily Haines, Division Day, The Changes & more in January, and – well – a shit-ton more. Just go here and you’ll see. 
  • SXSW – if it’s even HALF as fun & crazy as last year, I’ll need a full month to recover

…and that’s only a few of the awesomeness that I know is ahead…life has a way of surprising us (in the brightest and shiniest ways.)

I’m also making a concerted effort to make good decisions. Not that I actually make HORRIBLE ones now (save for a few that you don’t, nor ever need to, know) but in the vein of creating your own existence (again, sorry for being new-agey again) I think it’s due time for me to start surrounding myself with things and people that benefit my life. Begone, fun sponges, begone! No more passive-aggressiveness (or at least a reduced amount)! Healthy relationships, good conversation, challenging intellects and sparkling wit only! (Ok, I’ll try my best on that one…I’m allowed a few slips now and again.)

The point is, things are looking up – after all, Dark & Twisty was SOOOO 2006…to steal the name from my awesome former boss Scott, 2007 is the "Year of Radness-tasks".


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