In Retrospect

It’s mere hours before 2007, and I just realized I didn’t get anywhere near completing my "what I’ve accomplished this year" list as I had hoped to do. In fact, I think I actually DREAMED this list, but – in true Aubrey fashion – I can only remember bits and pieces of it. I would try and recreate said list if I weren’t enjoying a lovely "Trader Joe’s 2006 Vintage Ale" and let me HIGHLY emphasize the word ENJOYING. Truly, it’s tasty.

So instead of listing off how rocktastically fantatsic 2006 was (which, OBVI, ’twas), I’ll pontificate on the excitement that is this evening. So here’s the story:

Our awesome friends Buster McLeod and Lele McLeod (long story on why they both have the same name…they’re not married or related in the ‘normal’ sense) are opening up this eponymously fantastic art gallery thing called McLeod Residence in Seattle. It’s this funky, beautiful, inspiring space with an even more inspiring concept with funky, fantastic things like a PHOTOBOOTH that automatically publishes to Flickr. Um, how awesome is that? They’re having their "unofficial" opening party tonight (the REAL opening is January 5th, for those of you in the area.) Anyway, Team SF (as we’ve been dubbed) has made our respective ways up to the land of the original Starbucks (though I didn’t realize I couldn’t catch the fish at the Famous Fish Market. WTF?) Ali got here on Friday; Jess and I arrived last night and Cameron and Ryan are putting in a brief appearance for a 24-ish hour stint to bless this city with their presence. We had a ladies’ PJ party last night, a tasty lunch today, some HOT PHOTOBOOTH ACTION earlier (How many programmers does it take to get a vintage Coke Machine up the stairs? 6. One to blog about it, one to tag the Flickr photos, and four to hoist. Programmers apparently DO NOT hoist well. Shocking, I know.) And so we’re shortly convening to the Ace Hotel for some preparty pizza action, to don our fanciest duds, and usher in the New Year with fabulous friends.

And so I leave you, and 2006, with my best wishes for a 2007 that exceeds even YOUR highest expectations. Surprise yourself…I certainly plan on it.

2 thoughts on “In Retrospect

  1. Hi, Aubrey – I love visiting your site from time to time, and I saw you were in Seattle and thought I’d say hi! Hope you had a great visit, and from the looks of your pics, I think you did! 🙂 Happy New Year – have a fantastic 2007!
    Becky (Richards from Westlake)

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