After midnight…

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Well, I survived. My camera, however, did not, a result of apparently dropping it not once but, um, four or five times. IN A ROW. Aaah, Champagne, how you love me. I also left my phone in Seattle, of course, just to make things difficult and more interesting, but alas, I survived. I even managed to land myself a superhot Scottish lad for the evening (the hunky one next to me) and, um, the morning too. Note that my opening line to him was, and I quote (as recanted by aforementioned hottie, “Are you really Scottish or are you just dressed like a douchebag?” Glad to see my charm still works. I also called him Josh all evening (and part of the morning) until he kindly informed me that his name was Phil. Um, whoops. They both have four letters, right!???

Anyway, more stories and regalia and pics to come just as soon as I can get my camera fixed and get some sleep. Because you KNOW a good NYE doesn’t involve a lot of that.

Nor do hot Scottish lads.


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