Geriatrics are grouchy

You must read this.

Seriously. Stop whatever you’re doing and read this, since SOME of you didn’t believe me last night when I said I got in a verbal altercation with this couple your grandparents probably play shuffleboard with. But it’s true, it’s 100% true.  I can verify that…

…and I can also verify that the note passed BACK to me read: "Fuck old people & snobs. Thank you and Good Night."

Daisy always puts it so perfectly, so succinctly.
Fuck old people and snobs.

The end,
Love Aubrey

One thought on “Geriatrics are grouchy

  1. aubrey, i just read the other blog. i’m pissed. incredibly pissed for you. seriously. my blood pressure went up. good for your friend for saying something to them, but boo for paying for their wine. clearly they didn’t have anything of substance to say to each other, or they wouldn’t have noticed your conversation in the first place!!!! seriously. how UNCTUOUS!!!!

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