iShopping is good for the soul


With MacWorld making my day a little brighter yesterday with their iPhone (OMG – I wish there were more text-messagey acronyms like this so I could put them all here but in the meantime, OMFG times a thousand – I want that fucking phone NOW, not in June. Hear that Steve Jobs? Mmmkay, thanks. Love, Aubrey) and Jesse, my rental insurance claims adjuster making my day a WHOLE lot brighter today by putting my settlement check in the mail (WAHOO!) I figured it was time for a little retail therapy. Why yes, I *DID* already buy myself a fun lil’ Shuffle (it’s too precious to pass up) and a car iPod adapter thingie (’twas stolen…doesn’t work that well in the city but will en route to Tahoe) but now I get to use my fundage to replace all the stuff that was taken! Hellooooo, new iPod nano! Bonjour nouveau wallet! Hola, mi favorito hipster glasses. Buon Giorno, iTV, welcome to the abode. I suspect you’ll be quite happy here.

(Le) Sigh. For someone who hates to PHYSICALLY shop (my years as a fashion writer have given me an aversion to anything resembling a mall) I must say that eShopping (or, more specifically, iShopping) is hella fun.

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