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Ali & I, originally uploaded by Aubs.

Unlike most adults who are “real” blondes, I was born with auburn hair. So much, in fact, that my first haircut was on week four of my existence. I had huge, reddish-brown curls that stuck out in every direction. My hair lightened up little by little, so by the time I was in elementary school I was headed towards a life of dumb blonde jokes.

As of late, I’ve gone a little darker with my hair, allowing my hairdresser to add dark mahogany streaks that are actually six shades darker than even the “never sees sunlight” dark parts in the back. I like it – I do! – but I like it most in person instead of in pictures. In pictures I think I just look like I have dark hair. (Egads. And the world takes a collective grasp at this ignominy.)

So in December I decided to tell Lana (short for Svetlana, which cracks me up b/c while she *IS* Russian, she’s not what you’d expect) that I wanted to go blonde again; basically, return me to my natural hair color and throw in a few lighter streaks for good nature.

She refused.

Claiming it would damage my hair, she put some blonde streaks in the front and again, the rest is prettily woven with mahogany that does, as promised, shine in the sunlight. Nearly two months later, I’m done. I want my blonde hair back.

My friends laugh at me, saying I’m still really blonde, that they love the streaks and the “depth” of it. And yes, I suppose if you had to qualify me with a general hair color, blonde would be the winner. However – and note that I am NOT a blonde-aholic like my friend Lisa claims to be – it’s not blonde enough.

I need to be reblonded.

It’s like peanut butter and jelly. Mork and Mindy. White bread and American cheese (read: GRILLED CHEESE, aka, my favorite food.) Aubs and Blonde just GO TOGETHER. I’ll tolerate the demeaning jokes. I put up with the assumptions that I’m stupid. Because, really, we DO have more fun.

Let’s hope that come Wednesday, I’ll look like the “me” in this picture (only skinnier, paler, and with longer – BLONDE – hair.) Because I think it’s time to liven this place up a little and have some more fun.

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