Further proof that my friends are friekin’ awesome

1. I received an email from my old roommate Brian (who I adore and miss desperately since he’s been in Krygyzstan for the past 2 1/2 years) wishing me a Happy Valentine’s Day last night since it was already Wednesday there. I didn’t realize how much I missed him until he wrote me the following:

"When you were thinking of me, did it include us getting ham-dogged
together?  Or was it another time, perhaps when I hung your stuffed dog
from the balcony?  Or the time when I identified your sleeping place in
our apartment with the 5 foot long computer printout banner reading,
"Virgin Sleeps Here"?"

Yes, Yes, and Yes. Only it wasn’t a computer printout, it was written with a sharpie on a long roll of paper towels. Geesh, Brian, get it right.

2. I just received a "romantic" Valentine e-card including a dog giving me a big wet kiss. Except the big wet kiss was the dog peeing on me. Nothing says love like golden showers.

3. Darling Willo just sent me this. Love her.

I remember reading a card years ago that said: "Valentine’s Day isn’t just about lovers, it’s about the ones you love." So true. Even if I won’t (necessarily) be GETTIN’ lucky this Valentine’s Day, I’m lucky to have so many friends that that I love.

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone. Go forth and get your smooch on.

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