Life is all about striking a balance. When any one side of the scale is tipped, there’s repercussions. Unhappy in love? I assure you, your work life will suffer. Hate your job? Yep, I bet you’re dating a total winner as well. While not everything needs to be perfect (or hell, not even ONE thing needs to be that fleeting goal since it basically signals imminent disaster), seeking balance, if at all possible, is an admirable goal.

Case in point: there are things right now in my life that totally suck. And the suckiest thing is that I can’t talk about it in a public forum as it’s risky (the Interweb has ears, ya know) so I exist in the land of quasi-abhorrence, as frustrated as I’ve ever been in a certain area in my life (hint: it’s not my love life) and yet I can’t even vent here. As such, my poor, amazing, life-saving friends have to hear me drone on and on and on about Situation:Suck on a daily basis. To confound this, on the surface, Situation: Suck seems enviable. It’s only when you live Situation:Suck for months on end that you realize that Situation:Suck SUCKS. And I am living proof. It’s like comparing Isaac Mizrahi for Target clothing to the Isaac Mizrahi Collection; looks good for a few months but wearing that A-line cinched-with-a-belt dress week after week gets old. The white turns dingy, a few holes appear and the hem starts fraying. Situation:Suck needs one hell of a seamstress, I’ll tell ya that.

And so as not to discuss Situation:Suck here any more than I just did, let’s discuss things that are lovely in my life. They are, as follows:

1. My new Canon PIXMA photo printer that I bought brand spankin’ new off a fellow Googler for $50. The quality! The speed! The fact that I now  have actual tangible photos to display that aren’t either a) Polaroids or b) taken in 2003! My new house is SOOO going to have DebauchAubrey Depicted galore.

2. Lila Belle. She has adjusted SO well to Elvis (my roommate’s darling 5 lb. dog) and watching them chase each other around the coffee table for a half hour still cracks me up. Videos will be posted in the near future.

3. Your patience. I know I haven’t posted as of late (a direct result of Situation:Suck as those found in this situation often also find themselves completely uninspired) but I promise, it’s coming along. Much MUCH more to come…soon. I promise.

4. Fat Tuesday. Somehow this had escaped me, but is an awesome excuse for the number I saw on the scale today. I’m sure it will go back down to normal tomorrow…right?

The End,
Love, Aubrey

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