The Justin™: The Perfect Solution

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Justin sports his ‘tux’, originally uploaded by Aubs.

Your Mom won’t stop hounding you about your love life, wondering when you’re finally going to settle down.

All of your friends are getting married, but you’re enjoying the single life.

What to do?

Ladies, I have a solution for you: Get a Justin™! This year’s hottest accessory, The Justin™ is a must-have for all you single ladies on the go.

He cooks.
He cleans.
He vacuums, he loves setting up all of your electronic equipment (or, as he puts it, he has "so much fun with your wires") and he even does amazing things like moving your cable box ABOVE your receiver for easier remote control access.

Who needs a boyfriend when you have someone who is CONCERNED ABOUT YOUR REMOTE CONTROL ACCESS?

No fights, no awkward morning breath, a Justin™ is the straight-man equivalent to your gay best friend: hot, brilliant, AND handy!

Cancel your subscription today, stop hitting those nasty singles bars and stop stalking that hunk on MySpace. All you need is a Justin™ and all your problems will vanish!

The Justin™: The Perfect Solution to all your woes. Get one today.

(Only you can’t have this one. He’s mine.)

One thought on “The Justin™: The Perfect Solution

  1. I have thrown on Justin™ as a party accessory myself and I agree..
    Justin…is the perfect accessory. Timeless, classic, always appropriate.
    He is the little black dress of boy-dom.

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