Last Supper

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Last Supper, originally uploaded by Aubs.

I was raised a Methodist. However, somehow I was raised with parents that did a fantastic job of enabling ye olde Catholic guilt, so while most Methodists don’t give up anything for Lent, I normally did. This year, since my life has been full of excesses as of late, is no exception.

Mulling over what I would give up this year, I sought opinions from my friends and coworkers.

One suggested alcohol.

VETO: SXSW (South by Southwest) falls right in the midst of Lent and let’s be honest, I’m helping plan a wine education for Geeks event and it wouldn’t be nearly as authentic if I didn’t taste the wine myself. Duh.

Another suggested sex.

VETO VETO VETO. No need to explain there.

At this point, I decided my friends were morons, and instead looked internally for inspiration. It’s supposed to be a religious thing after all…

So what could I give up…what is an appropriate sacrifice for a Catho-dist (or a Metho-lic as it may be) whose main vices are out of the question? Going through my recent photos provided me with the answer…

What do I love the most? (Besides aforementioned items?)
What is a major part of my life, such that people send me links and jokes and inherently know how most of my nights will end?

Cheese. (Grilled cheese, specifically, but in an effort for it to be a TRUE sacrifice, I had to broaden the scope.)

For Lent this year, I’m giving up cheese.

For some, this might be an easy task. For me, it’s been less than 48 hours and already I have dreamed about it and have no idea what I’m going to eat. I’ve realized that I eat cheese at nearly every meal…I don’t eat breakfast, but for lunch, a cheese plate (thanks, Goog!) is my normal dessert. When they offer something grody (it DOES happen on occasion) I make an avocado chedder panini. Dinner? If I’m at home, Easy-mac and/or Brie/crackers is often le dinner du nuit. Snacks? Oh yeah. You know it. Those pre-sliced monteray jack slices are perfect on triscuits.

La Taqueria burritos.
Grilled cheese. For God’s sake, GRILLED F-ING CHEESE! It’s my favorite food!

Have you been to a grocery store lately? Do you know how many sections they have devoted to cheese? Three.

The deli.
The brie/fancy cheese section (by the olives).
The refrigerator section.


Hell. Pure hell.

38 days and counting.

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