We’ve had a ton of earthquakes since I’ve lived out here. I’ve either slept through them all or they were too slight to feel.

Until now.

Picture the scene: I’m sitting on my couch, watching the episode of The OC where there is an earthquake. I had just finished discussing that I had never felt one myself and within minutes (ok, I’m exaggerating – it was within an hour for real) the house starts to shake.

"Was that an earthquake?" I ask Daisy.

"You’re OC paranoid," she replies.

And then promptly pings me this.

Twitter is twittering, I am blogging, and the house is shaking. However the pets (who I always THOUGHT would alert me to these things ahead of time so I could seek shelter and all that shit) didn’t do a damn thing. No barks. No whining. Simply lazily sleeping on the couch/puppy bed/chair/bed/bed. I mean what good is a menagerie if they’re not an early disaster warning signal??

Happy First Earthquake Day, Aubrey!

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