I’ve been feeling pretty stagnant as of late, clearly evidenced by the dearth of interesting posts on this here site. My job…well, suffice it to say I don’t come home exhausted after a fulfilling day of challenging work. As such, I’ve looked for inspiration elsewhere (i.e., concerts and shows and skihouses, oh my!) and have taken on some free-freelancing work just so I can feel like I’m actually making an impact in SOMETHING in my life other than being an awesome Monday night drinking enabler. (Damn you, Madrone Lounge.)

So when I was chatting with my lovely pal HelenJane about SXSW and how beyond excited we are for it (take note: my SF clan will be meeting up with other amazingly awesome people from around the country who would SO be part of our SF clan if only they lived here…hint hint) and we were joking about throwing a wine event for geeks, I realized we had stumbled upon something.

She works for a winery.
I heart geeks, and the only thing I heart more than geeks is cavorting with said geeks.

A week later, we’re well underway in the planning process (note that the event is in 10 very short, very soon days) – we have a venue, a theme, and we’re frantically getting the rest of the details all sorted out so that you (yes, YOU) can come and learn about wine and taste wine and DRINK WINE. It’s sponsored by her company, is all official-like with takeaways and real edumacators, and two of the foxiest ladies in the Interweb are planning it. That’s right…us.

So if you find yourself in Austin for SXSW, come join us for Wine 2.0: Taste. Learn. Leave in Good Spirits on Monday, March 12th (3:30-5pm) (more details and the official invite to follow).  So if you want to come hobnob with those smart folks that make the Internets (and us foxy ladies, of course) drop me an email and we’ll put ya on the list. Trust me, you won’t want to miss this. 

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