There’s a lot to be said about being organized. Not only is it mentally soothing to us type-a folks, but I truly believe that it sets you up for your future in a way that optimizes all that is good. Chaos-theory be damned, and the state of my desk notwithstanding, I find my life to go much more smoothly, to encounter many less bumps in the road, when I’ve put my life in good standing.

This is a long time coming.

I’ve been living the past 8 months in a constant state of disorder, preferring to ignore all the mess and clutter in most aspects of my life instead of to address them. Citing being overwhelmed in all arenas ("I don’t have time to dust my bedroom, I must go out for the tenth night in a row!" or "I’ve got too much on my mind to address that baggage."), it’s due time (nay, it’s long overdue) that I start facing up to what I’ve got here, what I’m doing here, and how far this state of being has strayed from one that is even remotely acceptable, much less optimal. In a nutshell, it’s time to take responsibility for myself.

I say this not with a heavy heart, but with some expected trepidation. It’s easier to dodge the bullet than it is to stand and take it. I’ve learned to exist with a messy desk, with a convoluted work and life and family life, instead of starting to address it all. While success isn’t guaranteed and taking that first step to DO something (as small as going through my work files and getting rid of everything unnecessary) isn’t fun, I need to remember that I’ve been HAVING my fun, I’ve been having my fun and your fun and your boyfriends’ fun and even his great aunt Martha’s fun and it’s time to stop, take a deep breath, and dig in.

It’s time for some Spring Cleaning.

Goodbye, business cards from people I will never call again. Hello, text messages and phone numbers from new boys who will. Adios, festering former pseudo-relationships. Hola, happy-nervous-tummy-excitement, you are so, so much more welcome in my life. Basically, I’m getting rid of anything that doesn’t help me because all they’re doing are standing in my way for things and people that  will.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to get out my rubber gloves and get to scrubbin’. I’ll catch ya on the flip side.

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