I’m transfixed. Seriously, I don’t know how to quit you, Apple TV. You’re my new best friend, new boyfriend, and new obsession all rolled into one. Please don’t dump me via email or just end things without giving me a reason because really, I’m about out of Xanax these days. Mmkay, thanks. Love, Aubrey.

Seriously, though, this device – in its nascent functioning – is already changing my life. I mean, I STAYED IN tonight. I COOKED! For SOMEONE ELSE! And it wasn’t in the microwave…not even one little bit.

You see? Amazing things are happening in the land of Aubrey, they really, really are.

So after syncing to my computer and the (functioning) external hard drive, Apple TV is up and running. Note that this is at the expense of a password-protected network and firewall (at least for the initial sync since iTunes wouldn’t recognize the device otherwise) but hey, desperate people do desperate things. And this desperate person is now rocking out to her favorite songs – newly re-acquired from Podworks (thanks, Buzz!) after my initial external hard drive died – and enjoying the enormous sound that comes complete with my new(ish) surround sound system. Hi, boys, yes, I may be geekier than you. I’m cool with that.

Apple TV also allows you to sync your recent photos, and while many of mine were somehow corrupted in the Aubrey Electronic Meltdown of 2006/2007™, the recent ones (aka, the really good ones from SXSW and a few other fun things like NYE and my housewarming party) have all fabulously been imported into Apple TV for your viewing pleasure.

And mine.

You see, the default setting for the screensaver (which plays while you’re listening to music and cooking for worthy visitors) is to do this fabutastic scrolling thingie (I suppose there’s a real name for it but that’s mine) and just display the images you’ve uploaded. Which, in a lot of cases, are of me. So here I am, cooking for aforementioned awesome people while they’re staring at the screen, laughing at baby Aubrey pictures and witnessing all the insanity that happened at SXSW (recap post to come, I promise.) And when we sat down to eat, I found myself being sucked in as well, allthewhile knowing that these are MY photos, that I’ve seen them many times, but they seem SO much more interesting when they’re scrolling in various sizes and flipping and mosaic-ing and the like.  After a few hours of this, I’m feeling a bit narcissistic.

After all, if someone asked me what I did tonight, I guess I’d have to answer "stared at the television viewing nearly life-sized pictures of myself." Apple TV: A Narcissistic’s new best friend.

Guilty as charged.

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