When Leah asked me if I wanted to go to the Tattoo fair at the Cow Palace (for those who aren’t familiar with it, it’s a huge building in South SF where they apparently used to trade cows back in those ‘olden days) with her, I thought it sounded like fun. When she added that we’d be tagging along with Justin.tv, I decided that was how I’d spend my vacation day. And so the story begins.

Justin.tv is the real-life equivalent of Ed.tv, only without Matthew McConaughey. What it does have, though, in its eleven days (and counting!) on the air is an ever-increasing number of fans and ‘viewers’ who are tuning in to watch every part of Justin Kan’s life. Yes, that includes his time in the bathroom. (As for whether or not he’ll film himself having sex, he said that if there is any censorship, it wouldn’t be coming from him.) Similar to Jennicam back in the 90’s (only without the porn…at least so far), Justin  keeps the camera on 24/7, even recording himself sleeping.

And that is how I spent my day.

Justin, his friends Lisa & Martin, and Leah picked me up from South Park (where we were celebrating THE Ryan King’s birthday for the, say, fifth time) and we headed over to the tattoo convention. Only they wouldn’t let us in due to the camera and really, it probably wasn’t the best idea to fuck with the bouncer at a tattoo convention. So we abandoned that plan and instead headed to In ‘n Out Burger for some  grub. Since it was a sunny day, we decided to go to Zeitgeist, yet even despite the bouncer recognizing Justin from being on the front page of the SF Chronicle today, we weren’t allowed in since the bartender was adamant about the "no camera" rule. And so we moved on again, first to Dolores Park (but no signal to his modem-thingie he carries around in his backpack) and finally we settled on Alamo Square, an awesome idea since a) it’s a block from my house and b) I could take Lila Belle. (En route we saw a man having a seizure on the corner; we called 911 but he refused help. Never a dull moment…)

So we headed to Alamo Square on a sunny, beautiful day, replete with Lila Belle, a few bottles of wine, and a blanket. We settled in for a lazy afternoon and then we heard the sirens. One fire truck, then two…within five minutes there were four all whizzing by, sirens blazing. We then smelled the smoke. Heading up to the top of Alamo Square, we realized there was a fire on a house on Hayes Street (less than a block away.) LIVE TV ACTION! Justin ran to the scene to "cover" it, only his camera didn’t get a signal while he was down close to the fire. Thankfully, everyone got out ok, the firemen did an awesome job, and within 20 minutes it was out. (OH, and the fireman who was holding the hose? HOT. I heart firemen.)

We called it a day at that point, all of us heading our separate ways. All in all, a pretty interesting day…it was bizarre being able to get IM’s from Daisy and texts from My Favorite Person in Colorado™ who were watching and making comments on what we were doing. (My fave? From Daisy: "I see you on your Blackberry, beatch. WRITE ME BACK!"  Heh.) The novelty of 24/7 wasn’t lost on me, though just hearing about his limitations after taking this on (rock climbing messed up the camera; he can’t go skiing b/c of no reception, etc.) I think I’m better off as a fan/viewer/friend than ever wanting to take on something like that myself.

Interested in checking it out? Watch Justin.tv live – here – now. It’s strangely addictive.

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