Adiós, slingbacks! Farewell, You!

To Whom it May Concern (aka, an open letter to You and You and yep, You as well):

It may have come to your attention lately (or, more likely, it probably
hasn’t) that I’ve treated you differently. "Put some distance between
us" as it may be. No, this is no mistake, no oversight on my part;
instead, I hate to break it to you this way, but I figure it’s as good
a medium as any. Basically, you didn’t make the cut.


Actually, I’m not really that sorry. It’s been good; no, in fact, it’s
been great! I had been loathe to do this even though it has been needed
for some time. I had mistakenly thought I had been putting myself first
but really, I hadn’t been. I had been putting YOUR feelings ahead of
mine, and then one day, a light went off. I think it was when I was
surrounded by these amazing people, these phenomenal friends that I
have, that I realized that you are not one of them. You’ve not been a
good friend to me; in fact, you haven’t even been a mediocre friend to
me. You’ve been a "when it’s convenient for you" friend to me and
really, that SO doesn’t fly with me; not sure why I had missed that for
these (days/weeks/months/years). Though long overdue, it’s better late
than never; I only wish I had done this sooner! All that shit you try
and pull with me? NO LONGER GOING TO BE AFFECTED BY IT. Snide comments
to get a rise out of me? Rise not given.

You’re not a bad person; I never would have been friends with you in
the first place if you were. True, you’re not the most mature of folks,
but hey, you’ll learn. I just am doing some spring cleaning of my
entire life and, well, you were like that pair of shoes that I held on
to for way too long until I realized that I would never again think
that hot pink satin slingbacks needed to remain in my closet. There’s a
time and a place for them and that time passed. Adiós, slingbacks!

Farewell, You!

I wish you all the best in your adventures and know that you’ll find
many, many more people to be a half-assed friend to. In the meantime,
my standards have been raised and unfortunately (for you), you’re no
longer a fit.


– Aubs

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