Go on with the chlorophyll

I’m getting stupider.

I don’t think I’m alone in saying that the lessons I learned in high school and college that stuck with me most aren’t necessarily the academic kind. I know how to pour a perfect beer (with just the right amount of head), I know what to carry in my purse any time I go out for the evening, and I’ve mastered (or, well, ALMOST mastered) the art of social interaction. I can plan one hell of a party and – though gone are the days of Ramen as a necessity – still fall victim to the appeal of Easy-Mac. As for the teachings I learned for my genetics degree…well, let’s just say that I was a bit mortified when my ex-unboyfriend trounced me in biology trivia. (Genus-Phylum-Species-WHAT? Who remembers that stuff?) While I attributed it to his youth (he has far less years out of college than I do), I hate that I can’t remember some of the important stuff. And besides feeling foolish or vulnerable, the thing I hate most is feeling stupid.

Let’s leave that all behind us, shall we?

I just saw that Berkeley was offering its introductory courses via webcasts. BRILLIANT! Not only in concept, but in actuality and convenience. I can take Human Anatomy right here on this comfy couch from this very computer! I can FINALLY get a refresher on US History! And, by God, I can learn about Buddhist philosophy! Or maybe that should be ‘by Buddha.’ Whatever. The point is, I can get all edificationized at my leisure, in the (excess of) spare time that I have.  Like I said, brilliant.

So if you find me missing social events or, perhaps, ignoring you when I’m out, I think Adam Sandler said it best in "Billy Madison":

"I’m here to learn, everybody, not to make out with you. Go on with the chlorophyll."

(Thanks be to Ryan Mickle for this link. And, um, ’cause he’s cute too.)

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