But I’m in like with YOU!

Living in San Francisco (and having these geekyfantastic friends that I do) offers you many, many opportunities to beta test a website or another. People are constantly offering invites to this site or that one; being an ‘early adopter’ lets you not only choose an enviable username (though "Aubs" may not be enviable, it definitely is ubiquitous as of late.) One such site that many of my friends and I were invited to join is called "I’m In Like With You." Basically, you make a ‘game’ (something simple, like "What’s your superhero power?") and people bid on being the winner by using points (accrued by winning games and being active on the site) as well as coming up with a unique, quirky answer. When you choose the winner, you can then contact them through the site; in a nutshell, it’s a way to flirt harmlessly (and very succinctly, at least during the games). It’s been the social networking du jour (du week?) and even though my friends – guys AND girls – are bidding fake points to find out what my superhero power is (amongst other things I’ve offered) it’s been a nice, easy, fun diversion.

So today when we went to the movie (read: WORST. MOVIE. EVER….I left after forty minutes thinking I was going to throw up in the theatre due to the excessive gore) and my friend Micah said he had seen me on ImInLikeWithYou.com, I figured he had joined as well.


Turns out that an (apparently ridiculously popular) website had covered the launch and, lo and behold, used MY profile as their screen shot.


So by now the whole world knows I’m in like with you. But that lends the question: Are you in like with me?

5 thoughts on “But I’m in like with YOU!

  1. Perhaps this is blog spam and worthy of deletion, and if so I’ll humbly accept my just punishment. But being the eternal optimist:
    Am I in like with you? I’m in like with anyone that can give me an invite.

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