Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

My Mom used to keep a gratitude journal, the concept being that if you actively voice what you are thankful for, the universe will provide more and more of it. So, spend a few minutes a day writing down that you’re grateful for free food at work and voila! Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. Perhaps you’re thankful for your amazing friends (like I am). Lo and behold, you’re introduced to more and More and MORE awesome people that literally rock your world. Maybe it’s the recent upswing in your dating life. Well, when it rains it pours.

That’s how I’m feeling today.

Mondays are usually pretty mundane (catching up on the difficult tasks of uploading Flickr photos from the weekend prior, IMing friends about aforementioned weekends, hoping that the cafe is serving tasty soup this week) but this one broke the mold. Defied stereotypes. In short, this Monday has fucking ROCKED. It started off innocently enough (Lila Belle sleeping in until 7:30, good dog that she is!)…I awakened in a good mood (which may have had more to do with the evening prior than the actual morning, but that’s another story entirely) and decided to take Lila to work since the dog walker was on vacation. Note that this decision is never made lightly; it requires good weather (so many balls can be chased!) and many a puppy bone must be procured lest Lila Belle fall into her "entertain me EVERY SECOND OF THE DAY" habit that she’s so prone to. Yet, I was optimistic, drove the Saab-alamobile down the 101 (relatively traffic-free), hit Target (new hangers and floor lamp purchased) and the  pet food store (dog food? Check. Rawhide? Check check. Lila running around like a kid in a candy store? OH-so many checks.) and made it into work at my usual "about an hour after I should be here" time. I decided to stop avoiding the inevitable and return my accountant’s call (tax time) and instead of expecting the worst, I had a number in my head of what I was going to have to owe. (Note that this number was ONE THIRD of what I had put away to pay in taxes, a HUGE one-third that was basically like going for an entry-level job and demanding six-figures. THAT MUCH OF A STRETCH.) So when the secretary read me off the figures for both state and federal, I made her repeat them. THREE. SEPARATE. TIMES. Not only did I owe one-third of what I had expected to, I owed LESS than one-third of that.

I proceeded to jump up and down and commit possible sexual harassment by forcing my (very confused) coworker to hug me in glee. Lila joined in the celebration and commenced to howl with happiness.

The day has continued from there. Meetings set up. Meetings occurring. Things happening. Things changing. Life finally picking up – with gusto! – from the winter doldrums. I fully believe that putting out positive energy/intentions/thoughts to the universe is rewarding in unexpected ways. I just hadn’t realized how quickly, how en masse, it could occur.

All I know is that I’m going to Cafe Gratitude, stat, to give a big declaration of thanks to the Universe over phenomenally tasty food. Who’s coming with?

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