Gettin’ my Art on


It’s confession time: I rarely go to art shows. In fact, I rarely do things that would be considered cultural (opera, galleries, museums, etc.). This is a huge shame because I actually LIKE doing these things, but for one reason or another (read: my social calender o’ radness) these self-betterment, cultured activities often take the back seat to events like trivia, birthday parties and day-long brunches in the sun. Clearly, my priorities are a bit skewed.

And so, as one who is enjoying all the exciting changes she’s making in her life, this is the next one I’m going to tackle. And I’m going to start it right now (well, this week) by going to see this show at Coyboys & Angels on Wednesday. The artist is Scott Campbell, a friend of one of my good friends, and not only am I going to show my support, but I’m kinda loving his work. His pieces are something you want to display on a big, blank wall for their understated adorableness. (And note that my use of the word ‘adorable’ is in NO way intended to be patronizing; I just find them fantastic.) I’m excited to see the 15 that he’s showing this week, and (thanks to my tax return!) I may even walk away with one of my own.

So if you’re free on Wednesday and want to  come enjoy some culture w/me, head on over to Cowboys and Angels around 8sh (have to hit yoga first). Details below…I’ll be the one in a post-yoga glow adoring all the art.


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