It’s that time again: The Return of DayDrinking™

My friend Daisy – official founder of DayDrinking™ – has been kind
enough to compile a list of this summer’s awesome happenings so we can
plan accordingly. Of course, with any good DayDrinking™ event, one
must consider the following "Three A’s" rule of DayDrinking™:

1. Attire – an
appropriate DayDrinking™ outfit for a woman usually involves
something fun, semi-casual and comfortable. Of course, you are EVEN
CUTER DayDrinking™ than you thought you were before you left for
said event (an exciting side-effect of alcohol consumption) but it
never hurts to wear a dress. Cuteness is encouraged. (Guys, I know you
agree.) For you lads, DayDrinking™ outfits are basically what y’all
wear anyway; vintage-inspired/quirky saying t-shirt and either
jeans/shorts (depending on the weather.) Rainbow flip-flops are the
official footwear for both genders.

2. Accessories
DayDrinking™ can occur intentionally or unintentionally. Summer
brunches often turn into Mimosa-fests that easily segueway into Dolores
Park happenings or perhaps, on the nicest days, an afternoon at the
beach. The point is, plan accordingly. All vehicles (cars/Vespas)
should now be stocked with the essentials: frisbee, blankets, coolers,
sunglasses, sunscreen.

3. Attitude
– This sport is all about spontaneity. You must be able to roll with
the punches (sunny days quickly becoming overcast, lack of parking,
getting too tipsy to attend your friends’ chi-chi party, to name a
few). Above all else, one must be FLEXIBLE and open to the challenge.
Consider it your own personal Adventure Time
and if the crowd wants to head to Stinson, to Stinson you will go. It’s
easy to get bogged down with details (trying to assemble or meet up
with a big group can be VERY hectic – small groups work best for
DayDrinking™) so keep the task at hand in mind: DayDrinking™ is
about Drinking in the Daytime (while enjoying various activities, many
of which are listed below.)

Now that you know the tenets of this widely-popular sport, it’s time to
start planning your activities. Details and links below; but remember, Attire. Accessories. Attitude.

Go forth and DayDrink™ with the best of them. And, trust us, we’ll see ya there. We just may not remember it.

Spring/Summer 2007 Official DayDrinking™ Schedule*

April 3rd: Giants Home Opener @ 1:05 vs. Padres (SUCCESSFULLY ATTENDED!)

April 28th: San Francisco International Beer Festival

April 29th: Opening Day on the Bay

May 5th: Cinco de Mayo

May 19th: O’Reilly’s Oyster & Beer Festival @ Fort Mason

May 20th: Bay 2 Breakers

May 26th-27th: Carnaval

June 2nd & 3rd: Union Street Festival

June 8th-9th: My Birthday Extravaganza, Part One. Details to come, but plan accordingly

June 10th: Haight Street Fair

June 16th: Aubrey’s Birthday Extravaganza, Part Deux

June 16th-17th: North Beach Festival

June 30th-July 1st: Fillmore Street Jazz Festival

July 1st: Canada Day (eh?) Kell’s celebrates this

July 4th: (Falls on a Wednesday this year!)

July 14th: Bastille Day. If you love French Fries, let’s celebrate!

July 25th-29th: North Beach Jazz Festival

September 28th-30th: San Francisco Blues Festival

October 4th-9th: Fleet Week (a bit later this year but YAY Blue Angels!)

October 7th: Castro Street Fair

October 11th-14th:
Oktoberfest by the Bay

* Please feel free to leave a comment or email me with something we’ve missed…this is just a preliminary list!

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