Ho’s before Bro’s

You know those girls that drop their girl friends the second they’re in a relationship? Or – worse even – bail on a girl to go out with some random guy?

I hate those girls. You know you do, too.

Only – get ready – I *AM* one of those girls, if my latest actions are any indicator. I did the unthinkable, to one of my closest friends, to boot! I picked the guy over her.

It wasn’t exactly that cut & dried, per se, but the outcome was that she felt like I chose a dude over her, and really, in situations like this, the outcome is only what matters. The truth of the matter is that I had wanted a night off from this week’s forthcoming insanity, so asked if we could not do our regular Tuesday dinner. She agreed, and I was relishing having a (rare) night with nothing to do. Then, enter cute boy, same cute boy I had an awesome dinner date with last night. We were planning the next time to see each other (me being allthemore excited for our next time to hang out 1:1 since I’m afraid my party is going to be pretty crazy and he won’t know anyone there) so alas, the only night I could was Tuesday.

Warning: Aubrey is entering asshole territory here.

So, alas, I made a bad friend decision. I should have probably just let him know that I didn’t have any free nights this week (even though I wanted to hang out with him again), taken Tuesday off to rest (which we KNOW is hard for me) but I didn’t. I planned our next date for Tuesday, my "night off" no longer. And in doing so, I’ve upset and hurt a friend and have firmly placed myself in "girl who drops girl friends for boys" territory, a no-man’s land where NOBODY ever wants to enter.

So while I’ve been apologizing profusely, and – to quote my friend – "acknowledging that you suck doesn’t make it any better" – I’m acknowledging it not to make myself feel better (as she asserts), but because I made a bad choice and by coming clean with my jackassness, it will remind me to never do it again.

Because I *hate* being "that girl" that we all hate, myself included. And nobody should spend their last 4 days of their 20’s in self-loathing.

Girls, let this be a lesson to you all, as it is to me. Ho’s before Bro’s.

The end,
Love Aubrey

One thought on “Ho’s before Bro’s

  1. In all of the years I’ve known you, this is the first time you’ve ever done this (but you have been known to have disappeared late-night during a girls’ night or two)…and everyone is allowed to do it at least once. Although you didn’t do it to me…so maybe that’s why I’m so forgiving.

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