Aubrey through the years

The Week of Aubrey™ is in full affect, with events and celebrations nearly every night. Yet as Daisy has (so astutely) pointed out, this is the last time I can pull this off, at least until I get married or have a baby, neither of which are happening ANY TIME SOON as it stands. So, I’d better relish in my selfishness and delight in my celebrations.

In preparing for the Week of Aubrey™, I scoured the city for the perfect dress for my fancy-shmance cocktail soiree. With Daisy’s help, I found not what I was looking for, but something that far exceeded it. You’ll have to wait and see. The only fear I have in my adoration of this dress is my past track record of birthday outfits which, in interest of full disclosure (and no fear of further embarrassment since I should have had my share of mortification at the time), I am presenting to you all here. Enjoy, and try to remember that times have changed and my fashion sense has evolved. Evolved, say, like Cro-Magnon times to present day.

2001: My 24th Birthday


Here I am wearing a fantastic shirt. Notice it is completely backless and full of sequins. I thought that I looked sexy at the time but really, those people weren’t likely laughing WITH ME as I took my outfit on stage (See below.)


On stage after a few drinks. At least Brandy is sporting the purple lounge attire.

2002: My 25th Birthday


Actually, this wasn’t a bad combination, though clearly I decided that the backless shirt was the way to go. (Note that I didn’t really remember that it was backless until I found THIS photo…who’s that guy?)


The year of the kissing booth. (I am 100% serious. I had a kissing booth at my party.)

2003: My 26th Birthday


I think this one doesn’t need a lot of comment. Nor does the next.Bday2003braves

Everything was free at this Braves game. I have NO idea why.

2004: My 27th Birthday


This year I had a house party, was dating a cute guy, and decided to put my debaucherous dressing in the past. This is a Diane von Furstenburg that I actually should wear more often if it wasn’t tundra-like temperatures here in San Francisco.


The party wasn’t ALL boring…the only candle I had was from a bachelorette party I had just thrown. Any guesses on what THAT is supposed to be? (heh.) This post should be retitled: Aubrey – CLASSY through the years.

2006: My 28th Birthday


Again, a house party, but at my new house. Cute dress, not-so-cute haircut. And yes, the gloves were a present, NOT part of the outfit (though they did match.) This was a fun year, even if it did downpour and ruin my ‘garden theme’ idea. So much for East Egg!


The cake was tasty.

2006: My 29th Birthday


The Google Sales Conference was in Vegas, so we stayed an extra night and celebrated in style. Unfortunately, I had celebrated a bit too much the night before so could barely LOOK at alcohol at this point, so the champagne bottle is just for show.


I recovered by the next evening, though was apparently starving and decided that eating my hair would make for great nourishment.

2007: My 30th Birthday


You’ll just have to wait and see…


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