Things that DON’T suck

There’s many. For many of us in the tech field (a lovely posse of Geekyfantastics), Facebook doesn’t suck. I’ve lamented the uselessness of MySpace on many occasions, wondering exactly what it was that I was supposed to do with it. Yet Facebook provides me utility, introducing me to new widgets and applications and – dare I say it? – additional ways to provide me with an omnipresent online presence. I even get to find out when ex’s get engaged via the handy little "status" bar. (Congrats…sorta.) Anyway, I heart Facebook.

It was from this very application that I heard about Mosoto, yet another site that I get to register for that’s supposed to provide me with some sort of music-sharing functionality. I am vague about this because as soon as I signed up, I got sucked into creating a "box" where you – yes, YOU! – can share my recent obsession in music. And so without further ado, I leave you with two songs, "Real Life Version" by Voxtrot, and "Reunion" by Stars. I kinda love them both. (But then again, you probably know that from my or iLike profile, doncha?)


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