The Heart of Rock & Roll

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… that’s the power of…, originally uploaded by Ron Goldin.

If you don’t live in San Francisco, most of you are experiencing a season that I like to call "Summer". You see, it’s this time of the year when temperatures rise, when the sun shines, and when clothing comes off easier & quicker than on prom night. (Not my Prom Night, of course, all clothing remained on, nor was there any smooching. Wow, I’ve come a long way.) But I digress. Summer.

Yes, save for us here in the Bay Area, most of you have put away your cashmere, replaced by gauzy, lineny little numbers showing a lot of leg and a LOT of arm. What a novelty to NOT wear pashmina scarves in the middle of June.

Yet every now and again San Francisco has an identity crisis and pretends to be a city in SoCal (Southern California, for you newbies) and we get to evoke our inner Laguna Beach babe and throw on a piece of clothing not made of wool. This past weekends was one of those.

There are free concerts every Sunday starting mid-June and running through September at this grassy knoll called "Stern Grove", and the first one is usually pretty epic. Last year welcomed Aimee Mann, so we waited in great anticipation of what 2007 would bring. And they didn’t disappoint – no, they certainly DID NOT. This year’s opener was Huey Lewis. Yes. AND THE NEWS. I kid you not, we had been planning this for months and amazingly, the weather cooperated.

Daisy and I decided to take one for the team and get there early (read: REALLY F-ING EARLY) on Sunday morning to scope out our spot. And so we trudged down the hill, weighed down by blankets and picnic baskets and food and the requisite four hundred bottles of wine (only a small exaggeration) and scoped out a spot. Our merry band of miscreants joined us after a few hours, the mimosas and sangria started flowing, and then Huey started singing. And, alas, so did we.

Daisy describes the day far better than I can but suffice it to say that naps were taken, tents were built, and Jesus was beckoned, mainly by Daisy who decided to praise Jesus after every stanza. Seriously, SHE. LOVED. JESUS.

As for me, I just loved the day, and can’t wait for the next one. It involves a band named "Lavay Smith and her Red Hot Skillet Lickers" and really, summer isn’t summer without some good ol’ skillet lickin’.

To quote Daisy, Praise Jesus.

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