Own up

Let me be the first to admit that I make mistakes. Not just on a one-off basis, per se, more like a daily stream of snafus that, woven together, compiles my life. While not particularly clumsy in actions, I’m quite clumsy in my interactions, namely, sometimes I need to just simmer down and shut up. (For those who didn’t get the memo, it’s apparently Self-Deprecating Monday.)

Anyway, given that I’m snafu-tastic, I also have found that I need to apologize for saying what I said or doing what I did. Namely, if I messed up, I take responsibility for it. I mean, that’s what you do, right?


Apparently not everyone adheres to this logic, since more and more often, people in my life are choosing to play the victim instead of just standing up and taking ownership for their actions. Instead of them DOING things (active verb), they’re choosing the passive route and saying that things just HAPPEN TO THEM. I find this not only completely unacceptable, but infuriating. To note:

  • If you didn’t do something that you said you would, own up to it. Apologize. Do not make feeble excuses.
  • If you happened to do something that you shouldn’t have, make amends. Again, apologize. Don’t rationalize.

Basically, if you screwed up, admit it. Say so. Don’t surround yourself with half-assed justifications that wouldn’t hold up in a court of low-IQ primates. You are an adult, or at least you’re supposed to be playing one on TV. Why, in this world where people are all-the-more accepting of our mistakes, are so many people (at least in my life) excuse-ing their lives away?

I have very, VERY little tolerance for this. In fact, should you be reading this and find yourself guilty of this behavior, know that you’re treading on thin ice. I’m FED UP with people misbehaving, not thinking, acting disrespectful with the assumption that all will be fine with a nice pat on the hand and a fake apology. All will NOT be fine, my "friend". In fact, your membership on my friend list may just not come up for renewal.

Basically, try not to screw up. Try to be a good friend. Live that whole Golden Rule thing and do it with gusto. But if you fail, if you find yourself having a bowl of bad judgment one day, take responsibility, learn from it, and apologize. And then don’t do it again. Anything else is unacceptable.

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