Leaving, Redoux

"You left Google? What were you THINKING?"

Welcome to my daily conversations with, well, anyone who knows I left the Goog. I’m half tempted to print out the post that I wrote explaining this all and hand it out to these inappropriately nosy folks (the next question is usually "Were you fully vested?") but instead, I simply answer: "It was time."

And it was.

Kevin Delaney at The Wall Street Journal wrote a well-researched, unbiased piece on this, that – should you still have questions about my decision to leave – should help in your search for reason. Read it. It’s great.

Seriously. Read it.

One thought on “Leaving, Redoux

  1. Oops, I didn’t mean to be nosy! Was just curious why someone would want to leave. I just read your previous post on the subject and that shed a lot of light on your decision for me.

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