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Snoozing (Black & White), originally uploaded by Aubs.

July is a big month for me; and by ‘big’ I actually mean ‘quiet’. I realized that it’s been a year, almost to the day, that I started this crazy experiment called “my never-ending social life” and while it’s been everything I’ve never expected (and more), it’s due time for a break. Time to rejuvenate. Relax. Spend some alone time.

And so, three days in, I’ve enjoyed some nights off. I’ve gotten to bed early (not that I didn’t do that before; we all know that 9:30 really IS my bedtime when I’m not out) and gotten to bed totally sober. Yes, July is also the month of detox in the Land of Aubrey, where I’m giving my poor body a much-needed break from all the awesomeness (and tasty wine)! In fact, I joined a winery on the last day of June to celebrate this; waiting until the month ends to enjoy my new treat will be all-the-more special. On Thursday I’m even starting my biggest challenge yet – more to come later on that.

But in the meantime, greetings from my comfy bed, where Lila has already decided to retire for the night, barely humoring me while I tried out my new camera. We both wish you a fantastic Independence Day, and hope that you’re doing exactly what you want, whatever that is, even if it’s an early bedtime on a non-school night (as it is for me.)

Happy Fourth of July!

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