Day Six, Retracted

OK, so I’ve decided to cut the cleanse to seven days, tomorrow marking the last of this experiment. Why the quick change of heart?

Is it the cravings?
Am I hungry?
Do I feel bad?

No, no, and no.

But, in driving home from work, I hit a guy on a motorcycle as I was pulling into my driveway. Thank God, he’s ok (and so am I; my car wasn’t that lucky) but I have to think that going without food for 144 hours may have had something to do with my lack of concentration. (In actuality, I just had to go into a different lane to make a nearly 90-degree turn since some jackass was 2 feet in my driveway) but still. Not taking any chances.

Seven days is admirable. I’m proud of every one of those seven days. But, after seven days, I think it’s time to return to life as normal…and by normal, I mean "with food".

One thought on “Day Six, Retracted

  1. Dear Aubrey,
    I thought I might find a post like this if I checked… I’m SO proud of you for sticking to this for 7 days. And yes, it’s probably not The Cleanse’s fault – completely – for the accident, but I think it’s a good move… Mostly, I’m just glad you’re OK. I know how scared you must have been and I admire your will power for not rushing over to my house to indulge in lots of wine post-accident. In a taxi, of course. xoxo. (I’m SO at the Olive Garden the second you say the word. Even WITH The Budget.)

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