Day Six

For those of you who wanted an update, here you go.

The Master Cleanse is going amazingly well. If you can believe it, I have not had ONE BITE OF FOOD in 144 hours. ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY FOUR HOURS! That is six full days, people. I’m like the queen of fasting – who knew! After a few snafus early on (wasn’t quadrupling the maple syrup nor the Cayenne pepper in the recipe as directed – MATH IS HARD!) I got the hang of this "fresh squeezed spicy concoction" and actually enjoy it. To note:

  • I’ve been hungry approximately three times, once at the WORST MOVIE EVER (Evan Almighty) when my pal Manlio opened up his bag of Sugar Free Twizzlers.
  • I’m having bizarre dreams (which they said in the book might happen) – most of them involve me ‘falling off the no-food wagon’. Last night I ate prosciutto from my friend Louise who was driving a Zamboni. I WISH I could make this stuff up.
  • I have an abnormally astute sense of smell as of late. Great American Music Hall smelled like Ant Killer at The Band of Horses show.
  • People have very strong feelings on this diet; they either think it’s awesome, my willpower is STEEL, or that I’m a total nutjob. (I’d go with both).

The hardest part about this cleanse is finding things to do with myself when everyone else is out to dinner. Or having a cocktail. Or partying. Lila Belle has been very lucky to have me home a LOT (read: nearly perpetually) and I’ve managed one dinner (at Chevy’s, no less) without even eating one morsel of tortilla. WILL OF STEEL, yo. Basically, I’ve found it easier to avoid that, though, which makes me feel weird and anti-social, neither of my normal traits.

Four more days to go, and I know I can do it.
Would I do it again? Probably. Ask me on Saturday.

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