The exodus continues…

My friend Jason Shellen announced yesterday that after four+ years, he’s leaving Google. Jason, besides doing amazing things on Blogger (he worked for Pyra labs when it was acquired in February ’03 by Google), also started Google Reader, my fave web news reader (and hopefully yours, too). My favorite memory of Jason is at the Google Ski Trip when we finally "met" in the elevator (we had known of each other for a while, probably through Sarah Hatter) and I made fun of his shirt. Great way to start a friendship, I know.

In recent weeks, many, MANY of my friends have started bidding adieu to their former employers, leaving the safe, secure daily grind for something new, riskier, and even more exciting! Let this serve as a big (belated!) congrats to: Jordan! Tantek! Marjorie! Helen Jane! And, now, Shellen!

Anyway, he’s taking some much-deserved time off (I’m green with jealousy, despite my 3-week respite) and I can’t wait to see what’s next for him. In the meantime, enjoy his little "infographic" on his time at The Goog. Congrats, Jason!!


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