Monumental Day

I’ve never had a cavity.

Actually, let me clarify. I’ve never had a cavity…until today. And now, I have two. TWO CAVITIES! How have I made it thirty years with a clean record only to mar it as a THIRTY YEAR-OLD?! People get cavities because they eat too much junk food, too much candy, but that’s SO not me…I don’t do candy. French fries, I do. Candy? Not so much. And I brush my teeth! Religiously! WITH A SONICARE!? WTF!?

Sorry for all the caps, here, but I feel like a failure.

That, and I just took my first Valium. You can’t really expect me to go through this without the aid of anxiety-reducing drugs, can you?

2 thoughts on “Monumental Day

  1. When I approached my 30th b’day I decided to visit the dentist again. What an awful experience. After spending about $1000 I have now added flossing religiously along with my usual brushing routine. I also learnt that cavities form over many years and are often reversible if they haven’t made it through the enamel.
    The dentist was great, his periodontal hygienist, however, was a torturer.

  2. Aubs! I don’t know you, but I know what you’re going through! I received my first cavity when I was 28 (now 30) and it was devastating! Also, nobody sympathizes with you! My parents just told me to get a better dental plan. My friends just cackled and said, “it’s about time!”. About time for what? To join their irresponsible, floss challenged, toothless masses?
    Sorry. Your post just hit a nerve. So sorry for your loss.! 🙂

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