Dear Chicago, you’ll never guess.











Photo courtesy of: Trey Ratcliff – From Stuck In Customs

It’s been years since I’ve been to Chicago for a proper visit. True, I was there for work a year and a half ago, but that doesn’t really count…it was a quick trip and it was in the winter. If you’ve never visited Chicago in the winter, then I’m sure you’ve heard about the blustery awfulness of the climate to which I can say: EVERY SINGLE WORD IS TRUE. That is one damned cold as balls city. This from a girl who hails from Cleveland, so trust that I know me some windy days.

Anyway, I’m off to Chicago this afternoon – in 22 minutes, in fact – heading there for my first ever Blogher conference. I’m feeling both excited and humbled by this weekend’s conference; I can’t wait to meet all of these amazing writers – amazing WOMEN writers! – that I’ve read for years in person and connect with some that I’ve already met THROUGH THE POWER OF THE INTERNETS (I so want to say that in the "By the Power of GREYSKULL" accent!) and know and adore. (Read: Helen Jane! YEEHA!) It’s apparently thunderstorming there in Chi-town (oh, hurrah. Please let me trade this un-summer dreariness for REAL summer dreariness. Joy.) but honestly, I don’t care! It’s a mini-vacay and an awesome conference and despite the fact that I’m *NOT* going to Australia in a week’s time (sigh. long story) I *AM* going to Chicago! I will do my best not to get stuck in a middle seat despite this whole new "Southwest Air Travel Experience" (something that may prove to be disastrous for this Gold Status Holder of every other airline, but optimism ensues!) and I come fully prepared with new downloaded movies and a fully-charged iPod and iPhone and sundresses, oh yes, I packed the sundresses. Us here in San Francisco don’t get to bust out the sundresses the way we should. Sundresses rock, so even if it’s stormy, it’s sundresses that I’ll be sportin’.

With just a few minutes to spare, I should attend to the last-minute items that need to be attending to. Such as: figuring out how to get to the airport. (Shut up. I’ve never driven to the Oakland airport). Such as: making sure I put my newly-purchased mini-shampoo bags in clear bottles. Such as: double checking that I have my ticket, that I have my awesome new sunglasses and that I’m prepared for a long flight, possibly in the middle. (Damn. Forgot the Ambien. WHY do I do this every time? Moving on…) Hmm, anyone got any airplane bottles?

So off I go, listening to my boyfriend Ryan Adams crone about my destination city and ready for a weekend of awesomeness ahead. You KNOW there will be much more to come, so just hold tight, Internets, I’ll talk to ya soon.

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