The Budget: An idea blatantly stolen from Daisy and, um, economists

Daisy recently conducted an experiment which she entitled The Budget. (I want to add a TMD, for "Trademark Daisy", since she deserves a TMD on many of the things in my life; namely, DayDrinking(TM), Nokay(TM) and a few others I shant mention here. Anyhoo.) Daisy realized that it was due time to start keeping track of her purchases and live frugally (thanks to her fabulous student loans and her predilection for socializing which, obvi, I share). While she ended hers early, I was inspired by her dedication to The Budget(TMD) so much that I’m doing the same thing for August. Only I won’t give you a daily rundown of my finances because, as she can attest, people weren’t lovin’ that. (Though seriously, if you’d like an export of my awesome Excel spreadsheet, replete with pivot tables and custom filtering, just let me know. It rocks your rocks off).

So, today is day one on The Budget. So far, so good. Total spent: $10 on lunch, but that was pre-planned so I opted for water with lemon instead of over-priced and potentially carcinogenic soft drinks. $10 with tip, not so bad. I also went to the grocery store to prepare for The Budget (since I’m confident that the findings will show I spend most of my $$ on food/drink/household items. Wait and see if I’m clairvoyant). $110 last night doesn’t actually count in The Budget (since it was July, after all)  but let’s just throw that in there as a forethought for this whole crazy experiment.

Since I tend to take things to the extreme (what? Me? Never…) I also decided that while I was keeping track of my spending, I may as well keep track of my food & drink consumption to further emphasize the imbalance of my life.  So far: yogurt (from home) for breakfast; Clay Pot seafood rice for lunch (thus $10 with tip) and a few jelly beans (thanks, Easter candy). Really, I’m sure you’re captivated by the mundaneness of my life.

So here I go. Wish me luck because, come month’s end, I have a feeling that I’ll need some sort of pick-me-up after finding out that not only am I an epicurian oenophile, I’m also a BROKE epicurian oenophile.

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2 thoughts on “The Budget: An idea blatantly stolen from Daisy and, um, economists

  1. Hey, Aubrey. Your blog is great, and Daisy’s cracked me up too. To make budgeting life easy, I totally recommend Quicken Basic. We budget on it and it writes our checks electronically. It’s like playing on the computer, but actually getting work done. I’ve never had so much fun paying bills and saving money!

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