Unexpectedly Awesome Night



I must admit, I didn’t have high hopes for the evening.
Yes, I was excited to catch up with my friend Ryan (something long
overdue) but I knew, given my attitude and the stuff that’s been
happening around me causing nearly perpetual stress, that our drinks
(and my mini-dinner) would include gripes and complaints. We even had a
"let’s think of all the positive things that are happening"
conversation to get us out of our funks. Or maybe just my funk.
Whatever. Either way, it worked, and after two poppy jaspers I was
walking home with a new outlook on all of the things that sucked.

checked my text messages en route to my comfy new bed (courtesy of my
budget-breaking new Serta memory foam topper that I must admit I’m kind
of in love with) and saw that HelenJane (YES! THAT HELENJANE! MY FAVE
LADY!) was seeing Colin Hay live. While I was jealous – and bummed that
I hadn’t planned to meet up with her earlier – neither did I have the
energy to trek across town to join ’em at Red Devil Lounge, where I
thought he was playing. And then I looked up. The sign at "The
Independent", directly in front of me and a block from my house, read:
"Thurs – Colin Hay". OMG! HelenJane and her delectable hubby James were
right there inside! So, with a little batting of the eyelashes to the
bouncer (I can’t take all the credit; the concert was about over) he
let me in for free and alas, I looked right up front and there they
were! HelenJane and James and their cute friend Kevin RIGHT UP FRONT!
And – to add to my excitement – Colin Hay was just finishing one of my
favorite songs!

Elation ensued. Tasty light beers were procured.
Colin Hay – and his "interpretive dancer" wife (we assume – he called
her "his queen" and seriously, I’ve never seen a more amusing imaginary
lute-player/whirling dervish in my entire existence. Not that they’re
that common, but…you get my point. Colin then made my week – hell, my
month – by launching into one of my all-time favorite songs, "Waiting
for my Real Life To Begin" which I got to hear (and record!) standing
next to some of my favorite people on earth. Hello, awesome evening,
now awesomer!




                Colin Hay - The Independent | August 9, 2007






I didn’t think the evening could get any better, and
then we headed out to my abode for a nightcap (read: The 30th
Anniversary Grgich Hills wine that I had opened to treat myself) and I
had my first visitors to view the redecoration! The only thing that
would have made the night even more perfect was an impromptu sleepover;
but alas, we’ll have to save that for another time. (My masterful
DayBed skillz were complimented, however. YAY crafts(wo)man me!)

And so I went to bed with a smile on my face, something that hasn’t  happened in a long time.
And today’s Friday.
And it was sunny when I woke up this morning.

Could things be looking up? Methinks – mehopes – perhaps. 

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