Looking Back


My dad loved photography. Actually, I don’t know why I’m posting this in the past tense; Ed Sabala is alive and well in Baltimore, MD and still loves taking photos. I just don’t think his subjects today are nearly as exciting or compelling as his subjects twenty or thirty years ago; namely, me.

In lieu of a lot of posts this week (I’m slammed), I figured highlighting some pics of years past could give y’all something to talk/laugh/gossip about. To answer your questions:

– Yes. My hair was darker when I was little. As you’ll see in forthcoming posts, it gets blonder by the years. Does that make me a natural blonde? I think so, I just wasn’t your typical towhead baby. More of an auburn-head.
– Yes. My legs really were that chunky. We call that ‘healthy’ in Ohio.
– Yes. My mom was/is a hottie. No inappropriate comments, please, but yes, she’s single…in case anyone has an eligible single Dad. I’m just sayin’…stranger things have happened.

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